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Food and Inflammation

It is without doubt that chronic inflammation is the leading cause to many of today's major diseases like heart disease, autoimmune disorder, diabetes and cancer.

Keeping inflammation under control has been such a concern for the medical world that we can eliminate inflammation almost instantly with the use of over the counter NSAIDs.

Unfortunately, using NSAIDs comes with a cost. By eliminating the inflammation, the affected area no longer sends signals to your body and you end up slowing down the natural recovery process.

How can food be inflammatory ?


When it comes to food caused inflammation, the first thing to blame is glucose. Half Americans today are either pre-diabetic or diabetic, consuming way more sugars, starches and grains than what their insulin can metabolize.

Carbohydrates over-consumption leads to insulin resistance, which means that your insulin fails to store glucose in your cells and end up flooding your blood.

The endless cycle of high blood sugar and insulin resistance leads to inflammation in the body resulting in arthritis, brittle tendons, and higher oxidative stress.

Meal Frequency:

Carbohydrates are not the only bad guys out there. Bad eating timing does influence your inflammation level as well.

We all heard recommendations telling us to not skip breakfast, eat lunch, dinner and have "healthy" snacks handy. We've been mislead into thinking that we should eat, 4,5 times a day for decades!

Here's the problem: Our metabolism is either in "fast state" or "post-fed" state. While in "Post-fed", we trigger our immune system to produce an inflammatory response called "post postprandial inflammation"

Inflammation is normal and is our way to recover, however, eating constantly put us in a constant inflammation, which later become chronic and the root cause for many diseases.

Reducing your eating frequency gives your body enough time to heal from the multiple inflammation that digestion generate and put you in a "fast-state" that is both regenerative and anabolic.

Two things to remember, reduce your carbohydrate intake and lower your eating frequency. Your body will thank you later.

Health and Strength for y'all !


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