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FIRST POST !! and my thoughts about alternative medicine

Updated: Jan 19

Welcome to my blog and there will be many more to come. I will be sharing my opinions and advice on how to optimize your health, eat and move better. Health encompasses many things and my posts are going to cover topics that go from training, sleep to poop, yes poop :) Enjoy this first post !

The big issue with today's society is the way we think Black or White. If I claim a positive stand towards alternative medicine, I will be easily back lashed for being anti-science and anti-technology. So don't take me wrong. I'm all for science, but medicine today has a BIG issue.

Modern medicine has brought amazing things to our well being, like cutting edge surgery, medical imaging and penicillin. However we live in a society where we rely too much on these advances that we would use them as crutches rather than work on a lifestyle that keep us healthy on long term basis.

If you ever get into a car accident, please go to an emergency room and get treated the conventional way. However, many people suffer from chronic conditions and rely on treatments/drugs that will kill the apparent symptoms, without treating the root cause of their ailments.

Here's an example: Have you ever had acid reflux and used these cheap colored sweet tablets ? Yes they're extremely effective and sooth the discomfort pretty instantly - the reason why these things sell good and end up in many houses. Yes, these pills reduce your stomach PH level instantly, but what about the long term effect ? Reducing your PH makes you feel better temporarily but as soon as your body realizes that you're ingesting a base element, your body produces even more acidity to counterbalance it. and that's a never ending cicle ...

The advantage of alternative medicine, holistic medicine, etc... is looking at your body as a whole system that cannot be separated and treated separately. Stomach acidity didn't appear out of nowhere, it's the tip of the iceberg and the result of a lifestyle that doesn't fit with your body. Reducing the acidity artificially is lying to yourself and hiding from all the leading causes that brought you here.

Don't stop seeing your doctor, eat and move healthy and make sure you use drugs only as a a last resort.

Keep moving !

Mamoun :)

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