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  • Online physical and mindset assessment

  • Full time access to individualized program with videos

  • Stretches with demonstration 

  • Workout updated according to needs 

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  • Primal Pattern Diet assessment 

  • Full nutrition report with guidelines

  • Metabolic Typing

  • Specific macro ratios

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  • Weekly educational video with a different theme each week 

  • Challenge/Homework for each of the 12 weeks 

  • 30 min weekly call for accountability and advice 


/12 weeks


/12 weeks


If you're serious about seeing important changes in your life and you're serious about your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, this might be the best investment you can make in YOURSELF

There are many resources out there that are here to support you for many aspects in your life, but unfortunately, really few are holistic and take into accounts all the details that make you as complex and human as you ARE.

This program is going to challenge you into growing stronger mentally and physically and take ownership over your well-being. 

PHYICALLY, you will learn how to function and move as our ancestors did while using modern equipment and science. 

Diet wise, you will find out what your body type really needs to consume, without falling into dogmatic dieting, by using just common sense, intuition and science. 

You will work on developing a mindset that's resilient, open-minded and curious, while doing the different challenges and keeping yourself accountable. 

Ultimately, you will develop a sense of gratitude and love for yourself by allowing YOU to take care of YOU. 


The themes and challenges of each week:

  1. Set your Intentions

  2. Working-in vs Working-out

  3. Primal movement & Functional Training

  4. Simple Dieting with Whole Foods

  5. Your Body Knows 

  6. Fasting 

  7. Write-it Down

  8. Accept different views

  9. Hack your Mind

  10. Love Yourself

  11. Life Mission

  12. Legacy 


/12 weeks

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